Plunk your carbon emissions

Carbon Plunk is helping people and businesses meet their emission reduction goals. We measure carbon output to ‘plunk’ emissions and make day-to-day activities carbon negative.

How it works

Carbon Plunk offers a range of products that measure and reduce impact on our planet. These products are set-up as ‘Carbon Plunk Points.’ Each Plunk Point measures the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. This information is relayed to Carbon Plunk Parks where carbon is captured and sequestered into the soil for thousands of years, helping to reverse climate change.

Carbon Plunk Parks

When a carbon plunk point is set-up and used (ex. Carbon Plunk EV Charger), Our team expands the parks by planting trees other plants that will capture carbon emissions and sequester them into the earth for up to thousands of years.

Parks will be established with trees and plants that attract birds, bees, insects, and butterflies whose populations are dwindling due to climate change.

Carbon Plunk Example: Electric Vehicle Charging

When you plug in your Electric Vehicle, we plant a tree. 


You charged your electric vehicle at a Carbon Plunk Point charger using 24kWh. The power used at that EV charger was created using a blend of hydro electric, coal, natural gas and nuclear


By measuring how the electricity was created our team can determine what is needed to capture and sequester the 24g of carbon emitted from your charge.


A specially selected tree is planted in a Carbon Plunk Park. This tree will absorb more than 24 grams of carbon, which will be captured and sequestered into the earth for up to thousands of years.

Enterprise Solutions

Carbon Plunk offers a range of products for small and large-scale companies. Let our experienced team help you meet your emission reduction goals with:

For more information about these products or a custom quote, please contact us

Kent Rathwell, Founder & CEO

Kent is no stranger to the environmental movement – putting his money where his mouth is he has spent the past 10 years facilitating the adoption of Electric vehicles globally.

“Carbon Plunk is my most exciting venture yet, it has been an incredible way to show that small steps make a huge impact. Everyone has a choice. Your choice to select and support eco-friendly products can make a substantial difference and empower others to do the same. Thank you for considering Carbon Plunk products, and allowing us to spread our sustainability movement.”